Core 3 Professional Development Workshops

Our Core 3 workshops have been the key to outstanding leader and teacher practice in our own schools, and has resulted in phenomenal student outcomes for all students. Due to the high demand of practitioners who have been asking us "how" we produce and sustain these results, we are now making these workshops available to  all of our public school partners! Browse our Core 3 Professional Development to see how the Core 3 can work for your school.

Open-Source Curriculum

Rigorous instruction begins with questions that meet the rigor of the Common Core Standards. Our teachers have designed their own instructional presentations to be used both in small group and whole class instructional models. They have backwards mapped all their work from the standards and assessment targets to produce what you will find on our curriculum page. Their work is home-grown, open-source, and most lessons are live Google Presentations that are being continually added to and upgraded throughout the year. We have made our home-grown literature units open source for others to use.