Navigator Core 3

Coaching Partnerships


“By receiving weekly observations and feedback, a teacher
develops as much in one year as most teachers do in twenty.”

 -Leverage Leadership, Paul Bambrick-Santoyo


Our Vision

Navigator Schools believes that if (1) schools develop top-tier academic leaders and (2) those leaders coach their teams weekly on high leverage strategies, this will result in improved student outcomes. This theory of action has created magic within our own network and we are now helping others to improve academic outcomes in their own schools.



What is the Core 3?

We have studied the highest performing public schools, both traditional and charter, to select and implement common elements of success. As school operators we were able to apply these elements, measure their effectiveness and make the necessary adjustments to the formula through a cycle of continuous improvement. The Core 3 elements include (1) Creating a Strong Classroom Culture (2) Personalized, Rigorous Instruction and (3) Collecting & Using Data. Each of these elements has a series of techniques and strategies that can be delivered to a whole staff, a small group or an individual educator. Click here to view our training modules.

Core 3 Elements


How can the Core 3 work for your school?


The Core 3 are broken into replicable training modules that can be  integrated by academic leaders into most school models and student populations. Navigator coaches will support your leaders through regular workshops and video conferencing to build their academic leadership capacity in these three areas. Academic leaders will be empowered to support their staff with similar weekly professional development and coaching to build a top-tier team of educators. Most school spend two years building Core 3 capacity in the leadership team and managing change at the classroom level. 



Partnership Steps


 If you currently have an achievement gap and feel partnering with Navigator may be the right step for your school, organization or district we ask that you look carefully at the process and attachments below with your team. ​


Step 1: With your team, explore the Core 3 Objectives. 

Step 2: Schedule a school tour with Kirsten Carr to see the Core 3 in action! 

Step 3: Read the Scope and Commitments document with your leadership team to see if the commitments work for you. 

Step 4: Fill out the Readiness Criteria with your leadership team and email to Crystal Toriumi.

Step 5: Navi will schedule a video conference call to review the readiness checklist and discuss next steps for a partnership.

Step 6: Navigator will perform a Needs Analysis of all the elements of our Core 3 Scope & Sequence to help shape a strategic plan.

Step 7: After both parties agree the partnership is the right fit, we can look at the next available cohort for our two-year journey together!