Collecting & Using Data

Why is data crucial to student success?

Knowing exactly what each student has mastered and not mastered can only be achieved through a constant and repeated cycle of action > data in > action > data in > action > data in... Teachers with this information can truly address the precise needs of each student and raise achievement dramatically. 

Collecting Data

Daily Exit Ticket


​End each lesson with an Exit Ticket- a written assessment that allows you to measure your students' success on the learning objective.

Tracking Not Watching


When students work monitor for understanding instead of completion and record the data! 

Compile Student Data


Have one place where student data and student work to make analysis easy. 

Student Data Trackers


Students should be aware of their goals and progress toward that goal each day.  

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Daily Check for Understanding (CFU)


Ensure that your lesson was successful by creating a daily CFU. 


Daily Spiral Review


Use the spiral review to frontload, review and collect data on standards & skills.  



Show Me

Show Me allows educators to monitor students' understanding in the moment.



Analyzing & Responding to Data

Post Assessment Analysis


Looking at the data and the student work will lead to informed action.

Differentiated Centers


Small group instruction is essential to meeting the diverse needs of your classroom.

In the Moment Pivot​


Don't wait to differentiate your instruction until your formal assessment, act in the moment! 




Many students need extra help. We as educators must find time and make it meaningful.