Coaching the Core 3

Why is coaching not just for sports?

There is no job more important that educating our youth. They are our future physicians, physicists, philosophers, and problem solvers. We think that a job as important as ours is worthy of constant collaboration, coaching and support. We feel the number one job of a site leader is to develop their staff in the areas of culture, personalized & rigorous instruction and data. There are several coaching methods, and each one serves a unique purpose.


Weekly Walkthroughs 

Walking though classrooms weekly will help pollinate best practices and choose PD. 


Live Coaching

In the moment support is the most effective way to coach and practice techniques.

Observation & Feedback

This technique adapted from RELAY GSE helps go deep with rigor techniques. 

Staff Huddle


Huddling daily builds culture though communications, praise & development.

Coaching Intellectual Prep


Facilitate intellectual prep meetings to build mastery of the standards for everyone.   


Coaching Data Analysis


Facilitate regular data and student work analysis meetings for true DDI implementation.