Personalized, Rigorous Instruction

How can a teacher prepare for the rigor of the Common Core?

When teachers become the masters of the standards, they are able to utilize the publisher as a resource instead of a manual. They can tailor the resources to meet the exact needs of their students and ensure that the rigor is always meeting that of the Common Core. Completing an  intellectual preparation process for each standard teachers will ensure the teachers truly are the content experts. They can then use their heavy lifting techniques to ensure students are in a constant state of productive struggle. 

Intellectual Preparation 

Unpacking Standards

Unpacking standards empowers the teacher, not the publisher, to become the experts. 

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Assessment Exemplars

Don't teach to the test, but know how mastery will be expected to be demonstrated. 

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Predict Misconceptions

Understanding the common errors will help you plan to address misconceptions explicitly. 

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Designing Targeted Questions

Design lessons that have more questions than explanations to put the lift on the students. 

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Using Rigorous Lessons

Vet teacher and publisher created resources for the most engaging and rigorous lessons. 

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Designing CFUs

Add CFUs throughout the lesson to ensure you are able to adjust in the moment. 

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Heavy Lifting

Showing Work in ELA Using RACE

Students tackle questions by restating, answering, citing evidence and explaining. 

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Showing Work in math Using CASE

Attack questions by chunking work problems, annotating models, solving & explaining 

Habits of Discussion

Students prepare for college level discussions through SLANT, RACE and hand gestures. 

Targeted Questions (Teach Like a Champion)

Asking targeted questions throughout the lesson keeps the lift on the students. 

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Wait Time (Teach Like a Champion)

Give students time to think instead of calling on the first responders. 

No Opt Out (Teach Like a Champion)

Return to incorrect responses to allow the student the opportunity to revise their answer. 

Guide from the Side

Hand over the reins and allow students to lead their own discussions.

Batch Process (Teach Like a Champion)

Minimize teacher interjections and allow students to discuss and debate. 

Show Call (Teach Like a Champion)

Showcase & revise student work to promote discussion and understanding.

Front the Writing (Teach Like a Champion)

All students do the heavy lift when you allow time to write before discussion.   

At Bats (Teach Like a Champion)

Giving students multiple opportunities helps them achieve mastery of rigorous concepts.   

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Format Matters (Teach Like a Champion)

Expect student responses to be in collegiate form including academic vocabulary.  

Everybody Writes (Teach Like a Champion)

Writing is rigorous, so have students write frequently and for sustained periods of time.