Professional Development

Training & Support Offerings

Navigator partners will receive ongoing coaching and support throughout the year. Using a variety of support methods, leaders and teachers will become proficient with the following "Core 3" elements:

Core 3 Leadership Elements

  1. Leading Staff & Student Culture

  2. Leading a Rigorous School

  3. Leading a Data Driven School


Core 3 Teacher Elements

  1. Building a Strong Classroom Culture

  2. Planning & Implementing Rigorous Instruction

  3. Data Driven Instruction


On-site leader workshops are provided to prepare for implementation of the "Core 3". Leaders learn how to lead instructional workshops so they can personalize their teacher development.

Navigator leaders model on-site teacher workshops to build the foundation of the "Core 3" for teachers. 

Navigator leaders work weekly with site leadership teams to support implementation through collaborative coaching in all three areas. 

Navigator coaches are available for teacher and leader support by phone or email as needed. 

Navigator coaches will visit partner sites quarterly to give implementation feedback and support. Additional PD sessions can be arranged on the site visit day as needed.