Kindergarten Humanities Program

Teacher Center​

Reading Foundations Instruction

Computer Center

Adaptive Software (ie.)

  • Lexia

  • iReady

  • Success Maker


Small Group Instructor Center

Reading Foundations Practice

  • Scripted Phonics Program

    • Reading Mastery​

PM Instruction (time varies)
Watch Reading in Action

Whole Class Instruction

  • Read Aloud Lessons (RI & RL)

  • Daily Language Spiral Review (L)

  • Writing (W)

  • Speaking & Listening (Embedded & DELD)

AM Reading Centers (90 min)

The Navigator reading program consists of a 90 minute block called the [xxx] where students receive differentiated reading instruction in homogenous groups. In Kindergarten these [xxx] focus on Reading Foundation (RF) standards to get scholars reading fluently by the time they enter second grade. Teachers and small group instructors take each homogenous group through the RF Scope & Sequence at their own pace and regularly assess their progress using the Navigator RF Assessment

In our whole class instruction teachers use read alouds to instill a love of books and teach the Reading Literature (RL) and Reading Information (RI) standards. Some components of the writing standards are integrated into the read aloud as well. Click here for a detailed description of our K-2 ELA program.

Kindergarten STEM Program
Centers (90 min)

Teacher Center​


  • Standards Based Instruction

Computer Center​

Adaptive Software (ie.)

  • ST Math

  • iReady

  • Success Maker

Small Group Instructor Center

Guided Practice

  • Real World Math Problems

PM Instruction (time varies)

Whole Class Instruction 

  • Introduction of new math standards

  • Academic vocabulary

  • Math fluency

  • Science

Watch Math in Action
Math Centers (90 min)

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