Grade 2 Reading Centers (90 min)

Center 1 - Guided Reading



  • Building fluency and skills via lexile leveled reading groups

  • Spiral of RL & RI standards through novels and articles

  • Collect data and do mini lessons as needed


  • Leveled literature

    • Novels​

    • Reading A-Z (Raz-Kids)

  • Leveled informational text 

Note: Early fluent and fluent readers come to this center having pre-read the text. Only groups with early emergent or emergent readers should read together with the teacher. 

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Center 2 - Blended Learning



  • Building reading and phonics skills through adaptive software


  • Any adaptive software program such as Lexia Core 5 or iReady

Note: If your district does not make adaptive software available there are other free options for high leverage reading activities.  


Click on images for vendor web-links. 


Center 3 - Independent Reading



  • Pre-reading guided reading books

  • Response to literature

  • Targeted standards based activities


  • Guided reading book or article

  • Teacher created/prepared

Center 4 - Reading Intervention or Extension



  • Building phonemic awareness, fluency and reading skills via leveled reading groups for students needing extra practice.

  • Extension activities for advanced students.


  • Scripted phonics program such as Reading Mastery or Corrective Reading

Note: If your school does not provide a paraprofessional for centers, this reading intervention could be done at a different time of the day, but is necessary for all students below grade level.  

Whole Class Reading Instruction (90 min)

Direct Instruction of Standards



  • Students will gain mastery of all Common Core standards through direct instruction and high leverage practice activities

  • Students will access grade level content such as core literature or social studies text


  • Instructional presentations

  • Additional curriculum resources by standard suggested

    • Ready Common Core​

    • Standards Plus

  • Grade level literature texts

  • Grade level informational texts

Grade 3 RI & RL Presentations
Grade 3 Writing Presentations
Grade 3 Language Presentations

Click on images for lesson resources. 

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