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Grade 1 Reading Centers (90 min)

Center 1 - Guided Reading (Teacher Led)


  • Students will learn to read through homogenous small group instruction of the Reading Foundational (RF) standards

  • Teacher will initially assess and determine the appropriate starting point for each small group within each strand on the RF continuum

  • Students will learn and practice each of the RF strands daily until they are mastered

  • Teacher will collect data during each homogenous group to tailor just right RF lessons and practice for the group


  • Scope & Sequence Documents

  • RF Assessment​

  • RF Instructional Presentations

    • Print Concepts
    • Phonological Awareness
    • Phonics and Word Recognition
    • Fluency
  • Leveled fluency passages

  • Leveled readers

  • Sight word cards

  • Activity supplies (masks for phonemic awareness, PVC phones, blending cards, etc.)

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Center 2 - Blended Learning (Independent)



  • Students will build phonics skills through adaptive software

  • Students & teachers will track progress toward class and individualized goals


  • Any adaptive software program such as Lexia Core 5 or iReady

Note: If your district does not make adaptive software available there are other free options for high leverage reading activities.  


Center 3 - Reading Intervention Using Scripted Phonics (Paraprofessional Led)



  • Building phonemic awareness, fluency and reading skills via leveled reading groups and use of scripted phonics programs

  • 2-Minute activities to change the pace 


  • Scripted phonics program such as Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading or Horizons

  • 2-Minute activities (sight word cards, etc.)

Note: If your school does not provide a paraprofessional for centers, this reading intervention could be done at a different time of the day, but is necessary for all students below grade level.  

Whole Class Reading Instruction (90 min)

Direct Instruction of Standards



  • Students will learn Reading Literature (RL) and Reading Information (RI) through read aloud lessons

  • Students will gain mastery of all Common Core standards through direct instruction of all standards and high leverage practice activities

  • Students will access grade level content such as core literature or social studies text


  • Instructional presentations

    • Language​

    • Writing

    • RL & RI

  • Read aloud books

  • Grade level literature texts

  • Grade level informational texts