Analyzing & Responding to Data

Assessment & Data Collection

  • Daily CFU Exit Tickets

  • Tracking Not Watching (Collecting Data)

  • Weekly Quizzes

  • Interim Assessments


  • Deliver Rigorous Lessons Aligned to Assessment

  • Allow Students to do the Heavy Lifting

  • Closely Monitor Understanding 

Data Analysis & Response

  • Look at Student Work

  • Analyze Misconceptions 

  • Take Action

    • In the Moment Pivot​

    • Intervention Plan

    • Reteach Plan

Intellectual Prep

  • Unpack Common Core Standards

  • Create Assessment Exemplars (Weekly)

  • Anticipate Student Error

  • Develop Daily CFU Exit Tickets

  • Prepare Rigorous Lessons

Post Assessment Analysis

Teachers look at student data along with work samples to determine gaps and create action plans. 

Post Assessment Analysis Workshop

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Teachers taking data throughout the lesson can respond in the moment to misconceptions. Knowing when to do a lightening quick individual intervention, a whole group reateach or a small group intervention ensures every student is getting exactly the right level of support. 


Interventions are the key to closing the gap for many students. If a student needs additional time and support to master a standard, it is necessary to design time where this can happen. Data will be the roadmap to help you decide what to do with your intervention time. 

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