Assessing & Collecting Data

Intellectual Prep

  • Unpack Common Core Standards

  • Create Assessment Exemplars (Weekly)

  • Anticipate Student Error

  • Develop Daily CFU Exit Tickets

  • Prepare Rigorous Lessons

Data Analysis & Response

  • Look at Student Work

  • Analyze Misconceptions 

  • Take Action

    • In the Moment Pivot​

    • Intervention Plan

    • Reteach Plan


  • Deliver Rigorous Lessons Aligned to Assessment

  • Allow Students to do the Heavy Lifting

  • Closely Monitor Understanding 

Assessment & Data Collection

  • Daily CFU Exit Tickets

  • Tracking Not Watching (Collecting Data)

  • Weekly Quizzes

  • Interim Assessments


Stand still as a teacher? Not if you want to intervene in the moment. By circulating the class and addressing misconceptions promptly, teachers can save the time it would have taken to correct later instead addressing the situation in the moment. 

Tracking Not Watching Workshop

Guided Reading Student Tracker

Generic Tracking Not Watching Template


An exit ticket can be designed a variety of ways. It could be a quick multiple choice or a written response depending on the type of data the teacher is looking for. This should be done at the end of a lesson to gauge understanding of a new concept or retention of a previously taught concept. Exit tickets help inform instruction and intervention. 


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A daily review of previously taught standards ensures students have multiple opportunities throughout the year to master a standard. Using data to drive what standards are reviewed and how frequently is a great example of acting on data. 

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